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Update on the HAZE
Friday, March 7, 2014
Hey guys, just want to update you all on the haze issue, here in Nilai. Good news! The haze is not so bad anymore. Though, you can still smell the haze. Continue to pray that it'll rain. It'll definitely help a lot. Nearby areas are doing water rationing, indicates lack of water supply. Pray together with me people! 

Besides the weather update, I COOKED! Ohh yeahh, I did. Hahaha. Cooked pasta and made mashed potatoes. Everything was made, using 'the almighty' rice cooker. Hoho. I cooked and noodles and made the mashed potatoes. Had class after that so my friend, Min Jou did the sauce. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention why I through all the fuss in cooking. We had HOMES (a Christian gathering). Yup, cooked and thank God everything turnout all right. Had a little bit of a problem but we fixed it -- don't wanna go into detail :P I am glad that I'm able to contribute some effort into God's kingdom. It felt wonderful. Plus, we gave away leftover orange juice to the students. Cups after cups. It felt like the 5 loaves and 2 fishes at some point. As we blessed, we were blessed as well.

The cooking process :3

Sorry, no final outcome. My bad.
Was a little lazy. HAHA.
Use your imagination :{D
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Thursday, March 6, 2014
For now, I nothing for yah. Except this:-

Haahaha. Lately, the weather in Nilai is getting worst. It's always hazy and hot. Humid and all. I pray that it'll rain soon. Need a down pour.  
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I got a few books, yesterday. YAY!

Darn happy about it! :D

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The Journey
Have you guys watched THE JOURNEY? I would recommend you all to watch it. It's Malaysian film by ASTRO SHAW. The film almost got me into tears. Seriously. GO WATCH IT!

The Journey tells about Uncle Chuan (Frankie Lee), a conservative father with a rigid set of rules. When her daughter, Bee (Joanne Yew) returns home after spending most of her formative years in England with a fiance, Benji (Ben Pfeiffer) in-tow, Uncle Chuan refuses to give his blessing. With cultural differences and language barrier that could potentially damage the union between Benji and his loved one, he feels that something must be done quick. Uncle Chuan reluctantly allows them to marry but on one condition — the wedding ceremony has to be in the traditional way. Despite their lack of understanding towards one another, Benji and Uncle Chuan embark on a nationwide journey to hand-deliver wedding invitations to the latter’s childhood friends. Throughout the journey, the two learn valuable lessons about accepting each other’s differences.  -- WIKIPEDIA

One of my favourite OST in the movie
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My brother and I, during 2013 B.O.G YOUTH CAMP.

Well, I'm starting fresh. 

Always been inactive and all. My apologies. I am gonna make blogging a regular habit.  

-- so call resolution? Hahaha.
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